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Crested Wheatgrass



A long-lived perennial, cool season, introduced bunch type reaching 12 to 36” tall. Drought tolerant, and winter hardy grass with an deep rooted system making and excellent soil binder. Crested wheatgrass is commonly recommended for a palatable forage production. Crested wheatgrass is well adapted to stabilization of disturbed soils and does well on shallow to deep, moderately course to fine textured, moderately well to well drained soils. The grass commonly seeded in the arid sections of the western United States. The Fairway type was first recognized in 1950 as being different than other crested types. Fairway is shorter, denser, finer stemmed, and less productive than Desert wheatgrass at lower elevations and may exceed Desert wheatgrass production at higher elevations. Newer varieties such as Eparaim and Roadcrest exhibit strong rhizone activity. Fairway Type Varieties: Douglas | Ephraim | Kirk | Parkway | Roadcrest | Ruff