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Luminary Bentgrass



Development by Dr. Stacy Bonos and Rutgers University, Luminary was tested as A03-TDN2 and is the result of years of improvements in creeping bentgrass development in the humid transition zone. In the 2010 NTEP trials, Greens Data, Luminary rated #1 at Indiana and New Jersey and in the top statistical group across other regions. The improved disease resistance will save time, money and improve conditions. Luminary bentgrass was #1 for Anthracnose (NJ1) and Dollar Spot (AR1) resistance in these trials. Luminary can be used for interseeding existing greens, tees and fairways in blends, as well as a stand alone cultivar for use on the most discriminating properties. Luminary bentgrass displayed outstanding performance where take all patch brought others down. Luminary has avoided extremes as some other new cultivars are exhibiting. Fine yet durable. Brilliant color but not super dark or light as some other new releases are exhibiting. Not “puffy” dense.