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Mexican Cliffrose



A evergreen shrub grows an average of 8 feet tall can reach as tall as 20 feet. Small leaves are 5-lobed, and covered with tiny, glandular-dotted hairs that are sticky to the touch. ThThe white, 5 petal flower has many yellow stamens blooming from midspring until summer. With enough moisture it can bloom in the fall as well. The pistil mature into seeds; when ripe they have a long-tailed hair act like tiny parachutes and aid the wind in both dispersing the seeds and helping “drill” the seeds into the ground. Prefers full sun, sandy and loamy soils and requires well-drained, dry or moist soil. ThThe plant prefers alkaline soils. Wildlife find the forage palatable and small mammals eat the seeds. Found in the southwest of the United States and into Mexico.